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What is our Virtual Mobilities for All project doing?

This project is addressing 5 key areas:

  1. Mapping the skills and competences required for someone to participate in virtual mobility activities. This has led to the development of a framework that breaks new ground in allowing us to better understand the requirements and challenges for people with a disability in accessing mobility opportunities
  2. Compiling a toolkit for virtual mobility, where interested parties can access key information in relation to assistive technologies, as well as gain insights from scenarios and experiences from people who have undertaken mobility opportunities, as well as access knowledge in relation to how they might go about taking up such opportunities
  3. Developing a self-assessment tool to support learner pathways
  4. Producing a flexible and modular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
  5. Pilot testing and elaborating a virtual mobility platform for people with disabilities

Organisations from 6 different countries (Spain, North Macedonia, Greece, Germany, Ireland and France) are working together to bring their expertise together in order to explore and establish new learning methodologies. This partnership includes universities, research experts and NGOs. The project methodology is based on an approach whereby the partnership will be working closely with disability groups and activists in each country.

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