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Virtual Student Placement

We could say that Virtual Student Placement mainly includes the opportunity of Studying Abroad Online/Virtually. Of course, the word “Placement” includes more than just studying (you can check the last section called “Other Virtual Mobility (including work placements and internships)” for that).

So.. Virtual Student Placement contains:

  • Virtual Study Programmes, and
  • Other Virtual Mobilites such as Virtual Internships

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Virtual Study Programme

Studying online became the new reality during Covid pandemic. However, it did excist before Covid and as years are passing is getting more and more common and easy for a person to study virtually/remotly abroad (or not).

Thanks to technology, students are able to study abroad online with ease. Although the course structure varies slightly program to program, virtual study abroad programs usually combine online discussions and coursework with virtual live meetings. (via: https://www.goabroad.com/articles/study-abroad/why-virtual-study-abroad)

Watch the video and find out some advantages of participating in a Virtual Classroom Training!

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Virtual Study Programs – Online Search Engines


Type of platform: Online courses search engine
Type of courses: Different types of courses
Language: Many languages
Access: Free & Paid courses

Study Portals

Type of platform: Bachelors & Masters Degree
Type of courses: Different types of courses
Language: English
Access: Free & Paid courses
Comments: Certified from German universities

Virtual Internship

Virtual Mobilities also include virtual work experiences named as virtual internships.

What is virtual work experience or internship?

Also referred to as onlineremote or e-experiencevirtual work experience gives students and graduates the opportunity to complete a full intership from home. For the majority of online work experience opportunities all you need is access to a laptop/computer and a stable internet connection. (via: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/jobs-and-work-experience/work-experience-and-internships/virtual-work-experience)

The Enter Mode Project has focused on internships in higher education and has worked through the Covid-19 crisis to develop virtual means of accessing internships. The experience of project participants is presented here:

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